• Manufacturers have to purchase unique QR codes from FindTheDupe.com

  • Manufacturers have to affix the QR codes on their products.

  • Consumers can verify the products by scanning with FindTheDupe.com`s App

  • FindTheDupe.com`s app will let the consumer know if he has bought the right item or not

FindTheDupe.com, Powering Consumers!

Here is a platform where Manufacturers can assure their customers that they are delivering right products and consumers will be happy to receive the right ones. Our solution verifies if the product purchased by Consumer has been shipped from the original seller or not. Our Analytics helps Manufacturers to track from where the counterfeit products are being circulated.Check out our B2B solution and Android app that helps to track the counterfeit goods.



Manufacturers` biggest nightmare is "Fake Items" that are flooded in the Markets. Duplicate products are making a"Killing" on manufacturers and slowly eating out the reputation and brand of Manufacturer resulting a huge loss of his brand's image. Customers Loyalty is at big stake. . FindTheDupe.com offers a solution that no manufacturer cant say No.Find out more...



"Did I get a genuine product?" This is a commonly questioned by a consumer when he comes back home after a purchase is made. This shows how a consumer is scared of "Counterfeit Products". FIndTheDupe.com helps in confirming if the has received the right product or not. All that consumers have to do is download our app and scan it when he sees our QRcode on this product.Find out more..


Our Network

We have just launched our product and in the process of having Tieup with Manufacturers. You will very shortly see our growing network. Request you to revisit us again. If you are a Manufacturer and wish to join in this war, please reach us. We would be happy to make you part of our network .Checkout our FAQ`s